took me a while to work out the best way to do mini-bikes.

started out with this one, which I found someone had used somewhere else:

but descided I disliked the symetry A-line shape of the bike so started tweeking it

heart version

a bit up to the individual, but think I like this last one the best, though have not yet added a heart design to it:

– needless


One Less Car

January 26, 2010

cycle to a reduced carbon footprint

thanks for riding!

disseminated on London Lane, disseminated at Clerkenwell Close on a lovely organe bike with an eyeball on the handlebars

– needless


January 26, 2010

inspired by craftivists and activists around the world it is my turn to have my say. the growing urbanbike movement provides the platform, x-stitch the medium.

I will post each design and its dissemination, along with patterns when they are not free hand. When free hand I will try to make the images detailed enough for them to be replicable with a little imagination. Some of the designs are mine, some are borrowed and tweaked. when I remember the inspiration I will do my best to acknowledge.

hope you enjoy the message

and should you find a little gift attached to your bicycle then remember, the personal is political

– needless