occupy your life

December 11, 2011

Greetings fellow occupiers and all those who support the global occupy movement.


It is getting cold down at St Paul’s so, after almost two months of occupation, it was time to spread some warmth and cross stitch joy around. This being the season and all.

May the little prezzies inspire you before Thursdays crucial ‘Occupy Everywhere’ day of action. Head to your local libraries, community groups and street corners with tents, flowers, cross stitch or banners.

Let’s wake the people and make them think/dream big.

Cross stitches disseminated on bikes at St Paul’s:

(apologies, this is a bit image heavy)

See you all down the occupation. Keep on smiling and always remember that the road to your destination is rarely a straight line.

– needless


2 Responses to “occupy your life”

  1. Ana said

    Thank you so much for the beautiful present you left on my bike. I must say you left the right message to the right person. I wonder if you have seen me around the occupation. So nice to know how many amazing people is part of this community.
    I do believe that cycling can change peoples lives, bring peace to the individuals and make cities more livable. Cycling is an equitable and sustainable means of transport, is your own energy!
    Best wishes!

  2. couldn’t agree more. have definitely seen you around the occupation, but bike+message was total luck. Jumping on my bike now to head down to occupy hackney and see it we can get some more people involved. enjoy the day and occupy your life. from a bike seat of course šŸ™‚

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