Not a bike but 46b

December 10, 2013

So, I realise this isn’t bicycle related but allow me to digress. Sometimes it has to be about the people around us that make a difference in everyday life, on two wheels or not.

This is not a plug, but an Ode to a coffee shop:

46b has never served a cup of coffee that didn’t come with a massive side order of smiley friendliness.

The people who run this place always have a friendly word and a helping hand to anyone who comes in. They are an active member of the community and keen to contribute and support local initiatives and locally sourced produce. Hackney is a better place for their presence – and on top of that they make the best cup of coffee around!

To thank you for being such sweet lovely people 46b, we thought we would make you a little Christmas present…





Know any businesses, community projects our individuals around your area that are making a difference? why not pay them tribute with a little card or token to say thank you (doesn’t have to be elaborate, I just tend to get carried away…)

The world needs more people who care. So let’s show them we are noticing and that it works!

– needless


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