I hope the images and messages here have inspired you to go out and voice your opinion.

arm yourself with needles, righteous anger and boundless imagination. the world is your canvass, now go forth and stitch!

Remember, what you do matters! Every action causes a reaction and creates a chain of events with no logic end.

Help me make a x-stitch in time and keep me posted on your activities.

See you on the streets



7 Responses to “About”

  1. Came across your work on the ‘Craftivism’ Flickr group. Your work is beautiful:) and i’m jealous of your unique designs x

    • why thank you

      as you will have gathered you are my idol. what higher praise can there be

      I bow my head to your superior craftiness and humbly accept your compliment


      • sarah corbett said

        i’m not superior at all and shouldnt be anyone’s idols. instead lets just respect each others work and encourage each other to keep crafting! deal? :)x

      • rather toungue in cheek 😉

        keep up the good work & keep those needles flyin’


  2. nutmeg said

    Hi Needless,
    I’m part of a women/trans/femme (WTF) cycling group in Minnesota called Grease Rag (http://greaseragmpls.wordpress.com/). We have skills and repair clinics for WTF cyclists and work toward general bike activism and to build a sense of community among WTF riders. We’re currently sponsored by a local shop but our goal is to gain some financial independence so that they no longer have to contribute to our photocopying/miscellaneous expenses. One way to do that is by selling a local biking calendar. The other merchandise we hope to sell includes locally made (my living room) reflective ankle straps and cross-stitch patches with positive/activist bike messages on them. Can we have your permission to use your patterns to make things to sell for our group? All profits from the sale of these patches wold be used to support Grease Rag’s cycling activism mission. I love your designs and have already made some for personal/non-commercial gift use.

  3. Laney said

    Hi there,
    found your ‘spokesperson’ stitch today at trinity buoy wharf, great dissemination, brilliant to find something with a link to look at your work online. fab idea!

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