Spring is here folks

and what better time to leave you mark.

we live in a world where our civil liberties, our social care structures, our pensions and our health care are being cut away from under us. time to plant something positive, to grow something, to add to the world in a positive way. leave the headlines to the newspapers. our revolution is a quiet one, a personal one, in the back alleys and the empty industrial lots of this big sprawling city.

If you were lucky enough to find a little bag of goodies on you bike today,

or perhaps like these ones:

then peak inside and you will discover a little bag of goodies (designed to rejuvenates fallow ground and to be pleasing to bees and humans alike):

the instructions are simple enough:

Sow the seeds of change and reclaim this city as YOUR garden, OUR space. Remember, the personal is political and every action, however small, creates a ripple with no logical end.

Should you feel so inclined, please refill this bag and hang it on someone else’s bicycle. Help me create an army of two wheeled guerilla gardeners. This city is our garden, let’s make it beautiful for people and bees alike.

now head out to enjoy the sunshine and get sowing!

– needless