Spring is here folks

and what better time to leave you mark.

we live in a world where our civil liberties, our social care structures, our pensions and our health care are being cut away from under us. time to plant something positive, to grow something, to add to the world in a positive way. leave the headlines to the newspapers. our revolution is a quiet one, a personal one, in the back alleys and the empty industrial lots of this big sprawling city.

If you were lucky enough to find a little bag of goodies on you bike today,

or perhaps like these ones:

then peak inside and you will discover a little bag of goodies (designed to rejuvenates fallow ground and to be pleasing to bees and humans alike):

the instructions are simple enough:

Sow the seeds of change and reclaim this city as YOUR garden, OUR space. Remember, the personal is political and every action, however small, creates a ripple with no logical end.

Should you feel so inclined, please refill this bag and hang it on someone else’s bicycle. Help me create an army of two wheeled guerilla gardeners. This city is our garden, let’s make it beautiful for people and bees alike.

now head out to enjoy the sunshine and get sowing!

– needless


occupy your life

December 11, 2011

Greetings fellow occupiers and all those who support the global occupy movement.


It is getting cold down at St Paul’s so, after almost two months of occupation, it was time to spread some warmth and cross stitch joy around. This being the season and all.

May the little prezzies inspire you before Thursdays crucial ‘Occupy Everywhere’ day of action. Head to your local libraries, community groups and street corners with tents, flowers, cross stitch or banners.

Let’s wake the people and make them think/dream big.

Cross stitches disseminated on bikes at St Paul’s:

(apologies, this is a bit image heavy)

See you all down the occupation. Keep on smiling and always remember that the road to your destination is rarely a straight line.

– needless

random acts of kindness

October 7, 2011

same message, more ambitious font.

diseminated at Guilford Place on this orange beauty.


– needless


Property may be theft but every time a bike is stolen a fairy dies.

inspired by a graffiti I saw on knautia’s flickr and of course J.M.Barrie’s wonderful creation

disseminated on this bicycle parked on Aylesbury Street round the corner from Lenin’s printing press.


– needless

1 world, 2 wheels

October 7, 2011

1 world 2 wheels. take responsibility for the impact of your lifestyle, we are all connected and we all live with the consequences of each others choices and actions.

so this is my reaction to the rider of this bike parked on Gee Street outside of Her Majesty’s Court Service, thank you riding and keeping our world a cleaner, safer and healthier place.

– needless

even one less car

October 7, 2011

and even one less car

thanx for ridin to the owner of this white bike also parked outside of Holborn Library.

– needless

one less car

October 7, 2011

one less car. keep on riding

a small thank you to the rider of this blue bike outside of Holborn Library


elegance over excertion. lycra and spelling free zone. ride wherever the weather takes you, remember to bring a picnic hamper and to colour outside of the lines.

disseminated on this bike parked in the safety of holborn police station on Lambs Conduit Street

– needless

nice ride, ride nice

October 7, 2011

kind and courteous to all. i love cyclists and I want everyone else to love us too. fight the rage and spread the love. other cyclists are not the enemy, they are part of the solution.

I have no reason to believe that the owner of this lovely black bike on Walton Street is anything but the most courteous and well-mannered of riders but we can all do with a token of thanx from time to time (and simplified spelling guarantees this piece is one of a kind).

hail fellow cyclist. it is a pleasure to share the road with you. keep on riding

– needless


October 7, 2011

Ride green. Green in and green out. Run your engine on veg and keep your C02 emissions to a minimum.

Last night foundthe perfect candidate for the last of these tags, this classic schwinn type beast in Hatton Garden.











Riding in the greenery of the Hackney marshes we came across this bike chained on the banks of the river lea, most green and most deserving of one of these tags.


on this yellow one on Morpeth Rd and on this nifty little Brompton on Terrace Rd. not my favourite bike but can’t argue with their functionality can you…
– needless