October 7, 2011

baby steps to a greener world


disseminated on camley st on a light blue single speed and at Great Sutton St on this fabulous creation

– needless


A Greener World

March 19, 2011

every bike path leads to a greener world!

greener world

second version. since idea stage can be timeconsuming I have taken to producing a couple of each for max distribution

greener world 2

disseminated on Victoria Park Road outside the Britannia on a lovely green ladies bicycle with a basket and on this bike on Grove Rd

– needless


March 19, 2011

cycle tracks will abound in Utopia – HG Wells

the Man was a visionary in many things. We are still waiting for time travel and Utopia might be similarly out of our reach, but let’s hope we can at least achieve some more bike paths.

I fear the selection of dissemination bicycles may have been rather gender stereotypical. army green badges for these rather butch bicycles, this black one on Morpeth Rd and the other around the corner on Southborough Rd.

vroom vroom

March 19, 2011

style over speed

diseminated at Adeleigh st outside of scolts head on a black beast and on this beauty on Bentham Rd

– needless

bikes bikes bikes

March 19, 2011

I love my bicycle and my bicycle loves me

disseminated at: Highbury Corner, Kenton road on a blue single speed, on adeleigh st outside of scolts head on a yellow beauty and on this one in Container City down Orchard Place


– needless

Spokes person

March 12, 2011

Spring is upon us and time to do some more dissemination. Be a spokesperson for the two wheeled lifestyle.

Saw this lovely bike with basket for shopping and seat for kids on chatsworth road today and it inspired me. it is possible to live your life on two wheels. Speak of spokes to all, keep on rolling and carry the younger generation right on along with you.


and on this one at Trinity Buoy Warf

and with an iconic view to boot

– needless

Low emission vehicle

July 26, 2010

most ambitious project yet. based on this old Lex Drewinski 1993 design and revamped for x-stitch. The design is by no means perfect so feel free to update and improve it, my pattern in pdf format can be found  here.

more detail and larger image here, here and here

design diseminated

– Needless

have a nice day

April 24, 2010

random acts of kindness

one of the first ones I made but only hung it out now

diseminated on a green racer on camley st

– needless

revolution 2.0

April 10, 2010

every turn of the wheel is still a revolution, but the colours are nicer

disseminated at outside Tesco on Morning Lane and on this lovely old butchers bike on Brooksbys Walk

– needless


March 8, 2010

every turn of the wheel is a revolution

disseminated at bowling green lane on a lovely minty green ladies racer

– needless